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This Page was updated on Thursday May 29, 2008



Here we have a unique event an overnight stay underground!. This was organised by Dave Malley and friends from Nestle. This is one of the most enjoyable trips I have had into Smallcleugh Mine. and surely the hardest too. For carrying all the kit needed to stay overnight is a very real task. Those of you who know the mine will know that a trip to the ballroom can be done in three quarters to one hour, we took two and three quarter hours. Just think of what is required water, food, sleeping bag, something to sleep on, spare clothing (it can be very cold once you stop moving), cooking equipment, spare lighting, etc. You also have to carry it all back out as well. (Leave only foot prints) We were actually underground for over twenty one hours and the weather underground was much better, we arrived at the entrance in the rain and arrived back to be greeted by more rain, it was drier underground!


I must thank the North Pennine Heritage trust, who look after the Nenthead site, for there co-operation in letting us stay overnight in Smallcleugh. Ta very much