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Nestle's trip 28/02/2008
This Page was updated on Thursday May 29, 2008



I had the good fortune of being contacted by and old friend from my caving days. Dave Malley. He was wanting a trip into Smallcleugh with some of his work colleagues from Nestlé's, this was to do with a forth coming charity event they are hoping too do. The trip was done on the 28/02/2008 with none of the people having before been under ground before. So this was a completely new environment for them. I have to say that they all proved to very courageous and disciplined while we were underground. Doing what was required and not complaining even when they got their feet wet !! Well done to you all. The photo's were taken by my self and Dave Malley (I hope you don't mind Dave)

The photo's below are a record of that trip for all too see. Yes you can do it ! And they did !!


We all made it out HORRAY