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Cheviot Agates


Collecting Agates was a passion for several years with the rest of the family. These were mostly in the Cheviots and almost the whole collection is of Agates found in the Andersite lava's. Between my brother Frank and I we must have one of the best collections of such Agates around (unless you can prove otherwise!) We spent many hours just walking from one small exposure of rock to another, we found that where the sheep rub up against the fell side also provided good hunting grounds. These are rare things and are not found easily and as you can see they are generally on the small size compared to Scottish agates. But this does not mean that they are any less beautiful. One of the unique agates found in the Cheviots was Needle agate of which only a few specimens were ever found. They came from the Hawsen burn (Langlee ford) near to Wooler. These were shown to the geologists at Edinburgh museum but they hadn't seen any thing like it before and could give a good reason it had grown the way it has? Any theories would be welcome?

All the Agates shown here are from my own and my brothers collections (Frank Woodward). What they don't show is the many hours finding them and the hard work in getting them cut and polished, which can be an art in is self!

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Cheviot Agates 1   
Cheviot Agates 2