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West Pastures Mine

Tuesday February 05, 2008

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West Pastures mine (NY 9880-4090) This was once an Iron stone Mine. The Fluorite found here was merely a "bonus". This mine was noted for is pale "apple" green Fluorite. which was found over the years from several vug's at the far end of the mine (now worked out). But I did strike lucky one day by finding a large mud filled vug with Fluorite crystals up to 8cm (across the face). They were not perfect but still very nice to find and look at in ones own collection. These were of a very dark purple and not the green which is normally associated with this mine. This was in late 1998 so it just shows that it is still possible to find good specimens (even if you have to work in a horrible little hole as this one was!) The Entrance has now collapsed, so the metal beam you see in the top left photo has finally given up the ghost. We knew that it would be long before it did...

Here we have the entrance to West Pastures, its in a advanced state of collapse. The timbers are rotten and the steel girder is bending very nicely!! As I said in my opening page mines can be dangerous, here is one of the reasons why. This is Barry and very keen he is too. Barry's "motto" is "big is best" but small stuff can be better! Here he is using his 24volt drill. As I said he's keen.
Here I am collecting from the cavity that the deep purple Fluorite came from, which is in the floor! photo taken by Helen, can you spot her boot? These specimens were all from this cavity and these are just the small ones! It took four trips to the car to get all the material out. The average size of the fluorite crystals would be about 6cm across each face

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