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Weardale Area

Tuesday February 05, 2008

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I have included Teesdale and the Rookhope valley under this area for the moment. As I get more photos this will change and they will get "pages" of their own.

There vast number of mines in the Weardale - Teesdale valleys and I only have a couple here. Most of the mines were not famous for their minerals but they all provided employment for the miners and their families. Famous mines would include Cambo Keels for its Calcites and Fluorite, Blackdene, Greenlaws, Heights (an iron ore mine!), Bloltsburn,etc for fluorites

Heights Mine                 Collapsed and closed

World famous for its green Fluorite only surface photos.

Killhope Mining Museum +

A World class mining museum on the life of a Pennine lead miner

Park Level

One of the Slitt vein Mines

Sharnberry low level

Some Surface Photo's

West Pastures Mine     Collapsed and closed

For its apple green Fluorite and recently a dark purple Fluorite.

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