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Wellhope Shaft
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Wellhope shaft (NY 7790 4661) is quite a new working shaft being sunk in 1925 (most of the lead workings in the Pennines were done in the 1800s).It also deep at over 400ft ,416ft to be exact (127m in new "money") and is part of the Nentsberry Haggs complex. This was worked till about 1938. The head gear was still in place in the early 1970s. The ore from here was taken by aerial ropeway to the processing plant at Nenthead. There are several veins worked here, the main ore was Sphalerite but I believe that Witherite was also mined. The minerals found here were Sphalerite, Baryte, Witherite, Galena, Barytocalcite, Alstonite, Pyrite, Calcite, Quartz, Ankerite and Harmotome. I have seen all of these except the Harmotome underground.

This is the shaft top and the winch which was used It's still is a long way up and I'm about half way!
Some tools left behind! A ladder made out of bit and pieces found underground!

These are from Wellhope Shaft part of the Nentsberry Haggs complex. Last four photo's courtesy of Helen Wilkinson. This shaft is over 400ft deep and you get off at about 350ft into a side level ( the lower levels are flooded!) We got into here with the help of a winch, I wouldn't like to abseil in and have to prussic out.

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