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Nenthead Area

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Nenthead has the best open access to mines in the North Pennines at the moment. When working there was in excess of 10+ miles (16+Km) of passageways. Mostly dug by hand and later with the help of compressed air provided by hydraulic compressors. This area has a vast number of very interesting places underground, some easy to get too, Ballroom flat - Smallcleugh or the not so easy Longholeheadwhimsey at the far end of Caplecleugh (very wet). There is no easy way to list the mines so I will just put them in alphabetical order. But I hope to put in a area map like on the lead in page. Have now done an area plan for the Nenthead-Garrigill area. It has taken a long time to get it too a stage where I was happy with it?

Brewery Shaft

There's a lot down there!

Brewery Shaft 2005 +

A second trip in winter 2005

Brownley Hill Mine +

The type location for Alstonite and Brianyoungite.

Caplecleugh Mine

Part of the Nenthead mining complex.

Area Plan of Nenthead and Garrigill areas

Just a rough drawing of the area with veins, rivers, roads etc. Big file 1Mb

Nentsberry Haggs +   Now collapsed and closed.

For it's Witherite and Sphalerite.

Rampgill Mine

Part of the Nenthead Mining Complex and the famous  Brewery shaft.

Smallcleugh Mine +

It's wonderful flats and the famous Ballroom flat.

Wellhope Shaft

Its deep!

Dowgang Hush surface photos +

Just some surface photo's

Nenthead Surface Photos +

A few surface photo's of the mines and other things that can be seen around Nenthead valley.

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