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Hard Rigg Edge Mine
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This is a very remote mine. The only thing of interest here is the fact it is one of the very few places that you can find Pyromorphite on the tips of a North Pennine mine. The mine is very small and so is the dump. So there is not a great deal of Pyromorphite to be found. The Pyromorphite found here is of a green colour and is not very well formed into reasonable crystals and is generally on the small side, under 2mm. If you do decide to visit this site PLEASE be reasonable in what you collect. Remember this is a very rare occurrence in the North Pennines. The other minerals here are Quartz in abundance, Goethite and Quartz pseudomorphs of Baryte.

This is a small quarry you pass on route to Hard Rigg edge. It seems as though they quarried a vein that runs through here (small rock out crops are the vein) for Limonite and Goethite. These are the only minerals that we could find (and a little quartz) This is Hard Rigg mine entrance. As you can see it is very wet and there has also been a collapse not far back from the entrance where a stream enters the passage. The tip is very small so I wouldn't expect to find much passage

This is the mine dump and as I said it is not very big. you could probably fit it all into a couple of wagons

There is also a small shaft dump which as even less rock on it. What you see here is basically all that is there.

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