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Mine and Underground Photos

There must be several hundred mines here in the North of England. Of which only a few gained the reputation over the years of producing some wonderful minerals. Which are now in our museums all over the world. Some of these I have been lucky enough to visit over the years. But mostly I get to places which are not so famous, but still accessible. Here you will find photos of my friends and the mines, most of which are underground, which I have taken over the many years I have been collecting. I have placed the mines into "rough" areas. Click on an area (or link a bottom of the map) will take you to the start page for that area. Most of these pages are on-going projects so there will be some with only a few photos and some with many. 

Remember old mines are VERY DANGEROUS  places and should not be entered by the inexperienced. If you do wish to go to such places you must have an experienced person to take you. The dangers that can arise too any one (even the experienced) are too numerous to mention. If in doubt  STAY OUT.

The list of a mine on here does not mean that you an automatic right to access it or the land it is on.

All photographs are the copyright of the author unless otherwise acknowledged

Cumbria    Nenthead    Northumberland    North Yorkshire    Weardale

Sat photo from "Google Earth" and is their copyright. I will remove this if it has infringed the copyright of Google if instructed to do so. But I believe that it is all right to use "one off" depictions for personal use.