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About Me


My name is Malcolm Woodward born and bred here in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England with my wife (Debbie) and two daughters (Emma and Sarah). I am a mineral collector and underground explorer and have been collecting and "messing" around underground on and off since 1978. I have now started to try to specialize in collecting Baryte and some Fluorite mainly from the North of England, the Pennines, Cumbria etc. It is a difficult task to find good specimens these days in the old mining areas. But it is still possible to find material which is still very interesting and worth collecting. I also enjoy the great beauty of or natural surroundings here in the North of England. We are luckier than some as I have access to four National Parks within one and a half hours drive and several mining areas within two hours of Newcastle.

I am perhaps a bit luckier than some as I am able to go underground to collect. Having many years experience underground, caving and also in mines. But even here it is still no guarantee that you will find something worth collecting. But I generally find something of great beauty even if it is only the size of a pea! (micromount material).

I am a member of the British Micromount Soc. and the Russell Soc. both of which are very good societies to be with, as they both give excellent advice and guidance on collecting, conservation, preservation and the cataloguing of your "prized" minerals. I will give the links or address to both of these on my links page.


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