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Here are several links to other sites in alphabetical order. Some of these have further links to commercial dealers if you wish to visit them.

Do you have any useful links I could place here. Or links to your own mineral and / or mining website please Email me at


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British Micromount Society Now have a website with their details and various other pages on trips, minerals etc.

Durham Mining Museum A list of coal mines and collieries and some other mines in the Northumberland, Durham and North Yorkshire (some) with a brief account of mine plus other data.

Fine and Rare British minerals A very well thought out site with information and minerals for sale form various parts of the UK and abroad.

Geosciences Web site Hosted by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Harald G. Dill

Silicon Carbide and Moissanite A thorough write up by Gerry Aubin of Gerry The Jeweler. A good resource exploring the hardness of SiC.

liroconite A personal website dedicated to the mineral Liroconite. A very professional looking web site with lots of info mainly on the Cornish occurrences. Well worth a look.

Mike hrybyk's web site  ( Mineexplore website) More Mines around Nenthead. With several good pages on the mines and other pages too? Have a look!

Mine-explorer Web site A well set out website where you can even put in your own photo's (registration required) Mainly of North Wales but this will grow as the site matures 

Mineral Collectors Page This site is run by the Mineralogy Club of Antwerp, Belgium. There is lots of information here as well as links to other mineral related sites. Some like my own, who are "just" collectors!

Mineralogy Database One of the best database's I have found. Lots of Information here on "every thing" to do with minerals. Well worth taking a look, I was quite impressed with the amount of information that was available.

North Pennine Mines  This site has been put together by my good friend Helen Wilkinson and Barry Smith. lots of info on the north Pennines and minerals to look at and a swaps page too.

The mineral and gemstone kingdom This is again full of information on minerals.

The online Mineralogy resource An excellent online database and also locations of minerals. One of the best I've found. If its not here you can input the information to its extensive database (once you have logged in).

The Russell Society The foremost "amateur" mineral related group in the U.K. Here there is information on the society and  membership details.

UK Mines and Minerals The web site for the journal of UK mines and Minerals. Order you copies from here.