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Or is it Barite where you live?

Hello and Welcome to my web site

My name is Malcolm Woodward and I live in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. If you want to find out more about me, see About Me (to the left)

This site is not completely devoted to Baryte but there is a bit of it about! There is also Fluorite, Galena, Calcite, Quartz, Etc. Just follow the links and you will find it. There are also other minerals too?

There is also a lot on the Mining areas (Nenthead, Weardale, Allendale, Cumbria and North Yorkshire) I have been to, with a lot of photos. Some on the surface and some underground. Best thing to do is have a look and see. Some call me mad for going into such places. But I rather enjoy it? Any Comments welcome.

And you will find a few pages to Cheviot Agates. These are not easy to find. But over the years my family has collected one or two. Again take a look it will only take you a few seconds.

You must remember that when you are collecting minerals they are usually on private property and you should have permission to be there. Also going into mines is DANGEROUS. They should be treated with great respect, if you wish to go into such places, go with someone with lots of experience. If you have ANY doubts STAY OUT.

All the photos, drawings and other material on this web site are copyright. If you wish to use them please contact me for permission. I will probably have a better quality picture you can use on file.

If you wish to contact me, my e-mail address is on the "E-Mail Me" and the links page and nowhere else on the website (to reduce the amount of spamming, I hope).

All photographs are the copyright of the author unless otherwise acknowledged


Mine and Underground photos

Smallcleugh entrance Smallcleugh - Middlecleugh vein Rampgill - Scaleburn vein Wellhope shaft 

Here are my mine photos, some on the surface and some underground. These have been taken mostly over the last thirteen years, but a couple are a lot older. This is an ongoing project so thing are constantly changing and updated. So keep coming back to see what is new!

I have changed some of the format on some of my web-pages. So that they are viewed from thumb nails. Just move the mouse over the thumb nail and the photo will be shown on the left with some text under the thumb nails. These pages can be identified as they have a + after the page name

NEW 04-2008 Nestle trip into Smallcleugh mine

NEW Overnight in the Ballroom (Smallcleugh Mine) Two Pages

Mineral photos

Baryte - Swaledale  Baryte - Frizington  Fluorite - Heights mine  Fluorite - West Pastures mine 

Here are some of my minerals in my collection. But there are some from other people (For which I will give them credit for). Again this is just a "taster" of what I have.

All photographs are the copyright of the author unless otherwise acknowledged

To find more Cheviot Agates just follow the links.